Wedding Traditions Explained


Many couples tell me they find the wedding process confusing and want guidance on what to do for their ceremony. There is no specific way couples must have their wedding, elopement, civil union or vow renewal ceremony. Couples have the freedom to customize the ceremony to include whatever they want. Couples can use the resources on this website to help guide them along the process to create a meaningful ceremony.

Simple Non-Religous Ceremony Outline

If the couple is looking to have a simple ceremony a basic outline for a non religious wedding, vow renewal, elopement or civil union is:

  • Welcome greeting
  • Main body of ceremony based on couple or theme
  • Vow exchange
  • Ring exchange
  • Declaration and pronouncement

This typical simple ceremony can be further personalized by incorporating a lei exchange, unity ceremony, and/or other wedding tradition that represents and is meaningful to the couple.

Popular Wedding Traditions Explained

There are hundreds of ways to customize your wedding however many couples have told me they have not heard of some of these traditions. This resource provides examples and explanations of a few of the most popular traditions for weddings, elopements, vow renewals and civil union ceremonies. Maybe you will discover something that represents you and your sweetie that will make your ceremony even more meaningful. If you hear of something I don’t feature please send me the details using my contact page and I will share it for other couples to discover!

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