Costume Themed Ceremonies


Ceremonies for weddings, elopements, vow renewals and civil unions don’t have to be formal, they can be a fun costumed celebration that reflects the personalities of the wedding couple. Many couples are choosing to have fun non-traditional costumed ceremonies where the couple and even guests are in costumes based on movies, tv shows, books, fairy tales, time periods, etc. It can reflect a theme with special meaning to you both or it could just be a theme you both think will be fun. Below are popular costumes themes for ceremonies. With my wedding officiant services I will dress in costume while officiating if requested. 

Click the links to see examples of costumes in the different themes:
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Hunger Games
Star Trek
Dr Who
The Princess Bride
Beauty and the Beast
Alice in Wonderland
Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
Peter Pan
Wizard of Oz
Game of Thrones
Renaissance Fair
Day of the Dead
Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas
Zombie Hunter
The Walking Dead
The Little Mermaid
Mickie and Minnie

The ceremony and vows can be written to incorporate references from the book/movie. You can even create your own unique unity ceremony based on your theme. I read of a couple who had a Zombie Killer theme wedding and their unity ceremony was severing the head off a Zombie together. You are limited only by your imagination, and budget! With my wedding officiant services I create a custom ceremony including vows incorporating your theme and your love as a couple.

Asking guests to dress in your theme adds a great relaxed atmosphere and makes for an even more enjoyable experience for everyone! Costumes make for a fun atmosphere at your ceremony and reception but can also add quite a bit to your guests costs for attending your wedding. Be considerate of your guests and don’t make them go into debt for your wedding or have to choose not to go because too much is expected from guests. Consider telling guests that their presence is your present so in lieu of gifts to come in costume. It is more important to you that they be a part of your special day in costume celebrating in the fun way you’ve chosen. People who can afford it will usually also give a gift anyway but it gives those who can’t a way to be a part of your special day without feeling guilty because they couldn’t afford a costume and any other costs to attend the wedding plus a gift.

Things to consider when having a costumed ceremony. Wearing costumes is fun but can get hot so be sure to provide shaded or air conditioned areas for costumed guests to cool off. Costumes can cause sweating and if guests will be consuming alcohol as well this can cause dehydration. Provide plenty of bottled water and encourage guests to stay hydrated so they can are able to enjoy the entire celebration.
Another consideration to have with attendees in costumes is walking and vision can be limited by costumes. Botanical parks and grassy areas at beach parks make safe and beautiful backdrops for most costumed theme ceremonies. The terrain is usually easier for costumed participants to walk then sand. Sand can also get into footwear and costumes causing discomfort for the rest of the celebration.


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