Circle of Love


A circle of love is a beautiful addition to any wedding or vow renewal ceremony where there will be guests attending. Many ceremonies are 5-15 long depending on what the couple decides to incorporate into it so it is not necessary to rent chairs for guests at the ceremony if you plan to have a typical brief ceremony. When guests are seated the traditional way in rows of seats in front of the ceremony area the guests have to sit at a distance where they can’t even hear what is being said or see your expressions during the ceremony.

Instead of chairs invite your guests to stand forming a circle of love around you. You can have the Officiant invite people to gather around the couple. If you want to have the area where the ceremony to take place to stand out from the surrounding area fresh flower blooms or petals can be sprinkled on the ground. For nighttime weddings you can mark out the area with tiki torches. Fresh or silk flowers can be used to decorate tiki torches for day time ceremonies and they can be lit at night. By inviting your guests to come in close by forming a circle around you they can hear what is being said, see your expressions, and it make their and your experience more meaningful. Do be mindful of guests with special needs and provide chairs for them so they can be comfortable.​

If guests are expected to be waiting a while between the time they arrive and the start of the ceremony and no other seating is available to them then chairs should be provided to keep guests comfortable and they can be arranged in a circle to bring guests in closer.

Some couples both start at the ceremony location together and then the Officiant invites the guests to form a circle of love around them.
Some couples want a ceremony where one of the couple makes a grand entrance.
For a ceremony that includes a grand entrance, one of the couple and the officiant stand at the ceremony location and the guests stand or sit in chairs to form a U shape around them leaving an opening for the grand entrance.
If guests are standing, once the grand entrance is made into the center then the officiate asks the guests to please close the circle of love enveloping the couple. If guests are to be seated during the ceremony, like shown above, they just stay where they are.

🌺 Fresh or Silk Circle of Flower Options
If you will be hiring me to officiate your wedding on Oahu I have two options for circle of flowers if you would like me to provide it for you:
FRESH ORCHIDS: A 10 foot garland of beautiful fresh purple with white dendrobium orchid blooms is a easy way to lay down the circle of flowers and it cleans up quickly after the ceremony. $120 plus tax for two leis.
LIFELIKE SILK MAILE WITH TUBEROSE RENTAL: Have a lifelike silk Maile garland with tuberose to mark your ceremony spot. For a use fee of $25 I will bring the garland, set it up, and pick it up after the ceremony.

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