Wedding Vows


The couple typically says their vows during the ring exchange part of the ceremony. If you plan to wear wedding rings then a ring exchange is incorporated into the ceremony where one of the couple says their vows then puts the wedding band they have for their love their finger. Then the other person in the wedding couple says their vows and put the wedding band they have for their love on their finger. The wedding rings are supposed to symbolize the vows the couple make to one another and be a reminder of those vows every day.

Some couples write their own vows where they express their love and commitment to the marriage and to one another in their own words. I officiated for a couple, Jan and Sterling, who wanted to write their own vows. They each wrote their vows on their own to reflect themselves and their feelings. The bride then typed them up, printed them out, mounted and laminated them. She made a hole in them and attached each of their rings to their vows using ribbon. This was a beautiful and unique vow exchange. I have had other couples who wrote their own vows hand write or print out the vows on a regular piece of paper or index cards, that works too! I have even had a couple show up and write their own vows on the spot. I recommend setting time aside to thoughtfully write your vows prior to the day of the ceremony. It is the sentiment that counts when writing your own vows. The vows can be serious or funny or both. Just be yourself and say what comes from your heart.

This couple wrote then laminated their vows and tied their rings with ribbon to them for the ceremony

A modern option for vows is for couples to replace traditional vows with the reading of a passage of a book, poem, or song lyric that has a special meaning to the couple. In place of reading vows the couple each reads their portion of the passage then the couple puts the wedding bands on each other.

Your vows don’t have to be all serious, they can also be remembering the journey that got you to this moment.

​I offer to write custom vows for couples who I officiate for if they do not want to write their own. There really is no right or wrong way for the vow portion of your ceremony. It is your special day so do whatever will be most meaningful to you and make your day the most special. If your a couple that does not want to wear wedding rings then simply exchange vows however you choose and omit the ring exchange from the ceremony.

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