Wedding Rings


Exchanging and wearing wedding rings is not required to be legally married and is totally the choice of the couple. Wearing rings is a daily reminder to the couple of their love and the commitments they made to each other on their wedding day. Wearing a ring is also an easy way to signal other people you are in a committed relationship and most people respect it.

Example of Ancient Roman marriage ring.

​The first known wedding rings were over 6,000 years ago made of braided hemp and worn by ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians believed the circle was a powerful symbol of eternity and represented eternal life and love. The ancient Egyptians shared this tradition with the ancient Romans as they began to intermarry. The Romans started the tradition of exchanging a gold marriage ring which depicted two hands clasping representing love, betrothal, and marriage.  Both the ancient Egyptians and ancient Romans wore their wedding rings on the fourth finger on the left hand as we still do today. They believed this finger contained a vein called vena amoris, aka the vein of love, and thought it lead straight to the heart.​

Couples throughout history have used a variety of items during the ring exchange. I have heard stories of cigar bands, gum ball prize rings, and other objects that couples used instead of a ring. Some couples get married unexpectedly and didn’t have time to get rings. Other couples are wealthy in love but not money and they get what they can afford. Some couples use place holders then go get rings tattooed on! Choose what feels right to you.

​A couple that chooses to have rings does not need to spend 3 months salary, this can carry years of debt payments if you haven’t saved that amount of money. A set of beautiful wedding bands can be purchased in silvergoldstainless steeltitaniumHawaiian Koa or white gold. There are Hawaiian wedding ringtraditional wedding ring and unique wedding ring options to fit even the tightest budget. It doesn’t matter how much the wedding rings cost, it is the love and commitment of the couple that matters and if it is true it is priceless!


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