Jedi Wedding Ceremony


Below is a Star Wars themed wedding ceremony script I wrote for couples who want a Jedi themed wedding …

Jedi Inspired Wedding Ceremony

We are gathered here today to eternally unite Jedi Dan and Jedi Kara.
This adventure started a long time ago in a Galaxy far far away… After many adventures across the galaxies together, the Force proved strong in their relationship and brought together these two hearts to form one unbreakable

It is a time of love and celebration across the galaxy. This ceremony will not create a relationship that does not already exist, but is instead a symbol of how far your relationship has deepened. It is a symbol of the promises you will make to each other to continue growing stronger as individuals and as partners, no matter what battles against the Dark Side and the Empire you encounter together in the years before you. Today, your lives, which began on separate paths, will be joined as one with the Force.   

In accordance with the proclamation of this union, may the records reflect that Jedi Dan’s proper Republic birth name is Daniel Smith, and that Jedi Kara proper Republic birth name is Kara Green.

Jedi Dan & Jedi Kara, are you prepared to enter into this covenant?
Jedi Groom & Jedi Bride together respond to the minister: “I am”

Do you, Jedi Groom, promise to encourage, inspire, love and protect from the Dark Side Jedi Bride, taking her as your wedded wife, forsaking all others,  from this day forward?
Jedi Dan:  I do.

And do you Jedi Kara, promise to encourage, inspire, love and protect from the Dark Side Jedi Groom, taking him as your wedded husband, forsaking all others, from this day forward?
Jedi Kara:  I do.

As a symbol of their eternal love and commitment to one another, Jedi Dan and Jedi Kara will now exchange rings. May I have the rings please.

These rings represent the pledge of eternal love and loyalty to one another through good times as well as times of struggle. With these rings your fates shall be intertwined for eternity. (hand rings to Bride and Groom)
Jedi Dan puts ring on Jedi Kara:  With this ring I pledge to you my eternal love. 

Jedi Kara puts ring on Jedi Dan: With this ring I pledge to you my eternal love.

Repeat after me:
“May the Force be with us as we travel through the Galaxy of Life.” 
(groom and bride repeat)

“We vow to fight against the Dark Side together and stand for Light and Justice.”  
(groom and bride repeat)

You have made your marriage vows to one another and sealed your vows
with the giving and receiving of these rings. By the power invested in me
and the Force, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss in celebration
of your eternal union.  May the Force be with you always.
With love in your hearts and stars in your eyes, you now begin a new chapter
in your epic journey. Please put your hands together for the happy Jedi couple!


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