What To Update

What You Need To Update After Getting Married

After you are married the state of Hawaii will email you a link where you can download a copy of your marriage certificate and print it out to use as a legal document. They will also mail you a hard copy to the address you provided for the license. If you elected to change your first, middle and/or last name on the marriage license your new legal name is officially official when you receive your marriage certificate.

If you have a name change after marriage once you receive your marriage certificate you must begin to notify and update your name with a wide variety of companies, on documents, and with services. Even if you do not have a name change some documents and companies will need to update your marital status, update your beneficiary if you want your spouse as a beneficiary, and update if you want your spouse to have access on your accounts.

The checklist below are things that may need to be updated after getting married:

Drivers License or State ID
Social Security Card
Checking/Savings Bank Accounts (order new checks)
PayPal, Venmo and other Payment Apps
Personal Investment Accounts
401k and Retirement Accounts with current and past employers
Personal Insurance Policies
Payroll, Life Insurance, and Medical Benefits at employer
Credit Card Companies (request cards in new name)
College Loans, Home Loans, Personal Bank Loans, Car Loans
Voter Registration
Professional Licensing Boards
Utility Companies (electric, water, cable, telephone)
Home or Renter Insurance
Car Registration and Title
Loyalty Cards from stores and restaurants
Cell Phone Company
Personal Will or Trust
Lease or Home Title
Doctors & Dentist
If you have a pet update Vet
Update Pet microchip info if chipped
Library Card
Alumni and Professional Associations
Airmiles Programs
Gym Memberships
Social Media Accounts
Crypto Currency Accounts

Don’t try to do everything in one day or it will feel overwhelming. Make a checklist of who you need to contact and do a little at a time until everything is completed.