Uses for Pineapples As Decorations

Fun Ways to Decorate with Fresh Pineapples For a Luau or Hawaii Theme Wedding

Fresh pineapples are a versatile item to have when hosting a Luau or Hawaii theme wedding because pineapples can be used to create decorations and fun table centerpieces, used as serving bowls and drink cups, and the delicious fruit can be served to guests to eat.

The first pineapples were planted in the Hawaiian Islands in 1813. The Dole company began growing pineapples in 1901 and made Hawaiian grown pineapples famous. Pineapples are believed to have originated in Paraguay and the southern part of Brazil. The fruit spread to Central America, South America, West Indies, and the Caribbean. The pineapple was originally called “anana”which translated to mean “excellent fruit” in a Caribbean language. European explorers called it the “pine of the Indies” and when the fruit made it to English speaking countries the word apple was added at some point and it became known as a pineapple forever more!

Whole fresh pineapples can be used by themselves as decorations and can also be combined with other island treats and treasures to easily create fun festive centerpieces like fresh orchid bloomssilk hibiscus bloomssilk plumeria bloomssunglassesfresh leissilk leishula wigglerssea shellstropical candles, and wooden bowls filled with macadamia nuts or other island snacks.

Pineapple Palm Tree is easy to create by removing the top from the pineapple and stack to desired height using skewers to secure. Add silk palm leaves or fresh palm leaves to the top to create the tree top. Decorate the base with a selection of bite sized fresh fruits.

How to Slice a Fresh Pineapple

The sweetest juice in a pineapple is on the bottom where the pineapple used to be connected to the plant. To get the juice to spread throughout the entire fruit prep the pineapple a few hours or a day prior to slicing it up. Cut off the crown and place the fruit upside down on a plate and set it in the refrigerator. When you are ready to slice the pineapple for eating, slice off the bottom end. Thinly slice the skin off with a sharp knife from one end to the other. Trim off any skin that was missed as it is rough and tough to eat. You can trim out the center core which is a little tougher than the fruit flesh, but most people eat the core and all.

Using Salt Makes Pineapple Sweeter!

Pineapples are an acidic fruit. If the pineapple is too acidic for your taste a trick is to sprinkle salt or lime juice on it. It will not ruin the flavor of the pineapple, it actually makes the pineapple taste sweet and takes away the acidic twang.

Fresh pineapple slices can be used to garnish drinks, grilled to serve as a side dish, and can be dipped in melted chocolate to create a tasty dessert. Pineapples are not only delicious but they are also good for you. Pineapples are highly rich in the enzyme Bromelain which aids in digestion making eating a slice or two of fresh pineapple the perfect way to end a luau meal.

A whole pineapple can be used as the base for fruit and cheese spear arrangement. Use cheese cubes and fruits like grapes, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, and melon to create spears with skewers. Then stick the pointed end of the completed skewers into the whole pineapple to display and serve.

It is fun to get creative when making centerpieces using pineapples like…

Use a pineapple coring and slicing tool to harvest the sweet fruit from the pineapple leaving a hollowed out shell of skin. The pineapple shells can then be used to create…

How to Pick the Perfect Pineapple

When a pineapple is ripe it will omit a sweet delicious smelling fragrance. Hawaiian pineapples also turn a yellow color when they are ripe. Do not pick or buy under ripe pineapples thinking you can ripen it more like you can with bananas. Pineapples stop the ripening process when the pineapple is picked from the plant.

What to do with Pineapple Leftovers?
Make Pineapple Dole Whip!

If you have any leftover pineapple put it into a resealable freezer bag and freeze. A delicious easy to make treat with leftover frozen pineapple fruit is frozen whipped pineapple (like Dole Whip served in Hawaii and at Disney World).
In a blender add about 5 cups frozen pineapple and about half cup of coconut milk. Blend, stop and stir, then continue blending until desired consistency. You may add additional coconut milk if too thick.


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