Oahu Beaches

I will officiate a wedding ANYWHERE ON OAHU! Below is a list I have curated of beaches around Oahu with notation of if a use permit is required for that beach location. I provide links to videos I have taken at beaches when available.

Beaches and Parks Around Oahu

Sunset at Pu’uloa Beach

West Oahu – Ewa Beach, Kapolei

My rate is $180 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Pu’uloa Beach (Ewa Beach)
https://youtu.be/LvaCLqNrL_8 https://youtu.be/lV6XcW0YO6g https://youtu.be/3rdnbiuN2X0 https://youtu.be/eo-rzXfLWcI https://youtu.be/AIIBVeIPlCU https://youtu.be/F5FXxEv2NCM https://youtu.be/hm2D2886IyY https://youtu.be/yPFN-MXvTNo

Oneula Beach in Ewa Beach

Oneula Beach(Ewa Beach)
Only recommended on weekdays. Crowded on weekends. No bathrooms at this beach.

Iroquois Point Beach (Ewa Beach) Permit Required from homeowners association.

Kapapapuhi Point Park (Ewa Beach)
This is a neighborhood park that is located on the West Loch of Pearl Harbor. There are walking paths around the park, fishing piers, picnic tables and pavilions. It is a nice spot for a picnic, to go walking, and for a wedding! There are many colorful bougainvillea bushes, palm trees, and unique looking trees that make nice backdrops for photos along with the panoramic view of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor. The park is open 7am-7pm daily with ample free parking and bathrooms.

Lanai Love Garden

Lanai Love Garden (Kapolei)
I offer a simple wedding ceremony in my office Lanai Love Garden located in Kapolei. This is a video of my Love Garden.

White Planes Beach (Kapolei) Permit Required and Military ID required
This is a military operated beach. No military id is required for access to the beach but to have a wedding or other gathering a military id is required to acquire the event use permit.

Eizenhower Beach (Kapolei)
This beach is no longer accessible without hiking after access road closed.

Cove along Nimitz Beach

Nimitz Beach aka Kalaeloa Beach (Kapolei)
Only recommended on weekdays. Crowded on weekends. No bathrooms at this beach.
https://youtu.be/p_WQYNuKsBI https://youtu.be/8dGTgp-54pM https://youtu.be/SWvTHUoNsE4 https://youtu.be/YQ8ArzA6jv4
https://youtube.com/shorts/O0gBql7M_GY https://youtube.com/shorts/p_WQYNuKsBI
Rainbow from Nimitz Beach https://youtu.be/voKRmbVQen0

Kapolei Secret Beach Cove

Kapolei Secret Beach Cove (Kapolei)
This is a hidden gem with stunning coastal views and a secluded beach cove. Walking on uneven rocks to access the hidden cove is required. Not accessible during high tide. This is a popular spot for locals on weekends.
https://youtu.be/HZMuxE3CxX4 https://youtu.be/OmuBXmas7qI https://youtu.be/AvQkv5buk4c https://youtu.be/EbOgMWQjVbc

Barbers Point Beach Park

Barbers Point Beach Park (Kapolei)
This beach park is in the industrial area known as Campbell Industrial Park. This is a hidden gem amongst a lot of scrap yards and industrial businesses. The park is located next to Germaine’s Luau and is walking distance to the Barber’s Point Lighthouse. This beach is normally is used by fisherman and is normally not crowded. The bathrooms and showers are not operational.
https://youtu.be/zGCNVJIhed0 https://youtu.be/sf_3KFCPKfU https://youtu.be/8fCQoCajPUU

Ko’Olina Resort Beaches including Secret Beach Lanikuhona (Kapolei)
Note: I am not permitted to officiate at any beach in Ko’Olina. I am only able to officiate at weddings with venues in the Ko’Olina resort properties with their permission. Check with your wedding coordinator at the resort to verify outside wedding officiants are permitted.
The only wedding services allowed to use the beaches at all Ko’Olina Lagoons or at the secret beach are the wedding planners, wedding coordinators and wedding officiates at the Ko’Olina Resort properties. No outside officiates or photographers are permitted on the premises. The beaches of Ko’Olina were man-made by the developers of the Ko’Olina Resort and they are able to restrict who has access for commercial activities. This includes Lanikuhonua’s Secret Beach located between Lanikuhonua (Paradise Cove) Beach on the north and Sacred Beach at Lanikuhonua in Ko Olina on the south. This spot is a hidden gem and is worth visiting if you are staying at or visiting the Ko’Olina resort area. Their is a path to the hidden beach from the main beach next to the Four Seasons Resort in Lagoon One. This is a video I took leading from the main beach to the secret beach

Kahe Point Beach Park (Kapolei)
This is located next to Hawaiian Electric Park across from the Hawaiian Electric Power Plant. HECO pumps in sea water to use to cool their generators and then they pump the warm water back out to sea. The warm water attracts many fish and this is a popular location to go snorkeling. The shore break can make it challenging to get into and out of the water. This is a spot for strong swimmers only. There is a parking lot, picnic tables, bathrooms, and many locations that make great backdrops for a wedding ceremony from rock cliffs to the beach. FYI many locals refer to this beach as Electric Beach.
https://youtu.be/7rVD49NQPL0 https://youtu.be/dmpt3vvRdGA https://youtu.be/316E9R4EQV4 https://youtu.be/oNgQzHn6Xbk https://youtu.be/3IB8dD2mNlY

Kahe Point Beach Park aka Hawaiian Electric Beach view at Sunset

Hawaiian Electric Beach (Kapolei)
Another name for Kahe Point Beach Park is Hawaiian Electric Beach or locals refer to it as Electric Beach. It is located across from the Hawaiian Electric Power Plant. There is a small strip of beach area. HECO pumps in sea water to use to cool their generators and then they pump the warm water back out to sea. The warm water attracts many fish and this is a popular location to go snorkeling. The shore break can make it challenging to get into and out of the water. This is a spot for strong swimmers only. There is a parking lot, picnic tables, bathrooms, and many locations that make great backdrops for a wedding ceremony from rock cliffs to the beach.

Tracks Beach view towards Kahe Point Beach Park aka Hawaiian Electric Beach

Tracks Beach (Kapolei) Park Permit required.
https://youtu.be/mirgC420iKU https://youtu.be/mzWQlm-r6i8 https://youtu.be/oNBtwTDg9Ns

Tracks Beach view towards Nanakuli

Manners Beach (Kapolei)

West Oahu – Nanakuli, Ma’ili

My rate is $230 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Nanakuli Beach Park (Nanakuli) Permit required.

Lualualei Beach Park

Lualualei Beach Park (Nanakuli)
This is a locals neighborhood beach park. There isn’t a large beach but it has beautiful coastal views and palm trees. There is a bathroom, showers and parking lot. Please note there are homeless encampments at the far ends of the beach park but there is a large area of the beach park open and a great spot for an intimate wedding or photos.

Zablan Beach

Zablan Beach (Nanakuli)
This neighborhood beach is not usually crowded during the week but it is on the weekends. Parking lot, bathrooms, and showers.

Depot Beach Park (Nanakuli)

Ulehawa Beach Park (Nanakuli)

Maili Point Beach (Maili)

Maili Beach Park (Maili) Permit required.

Mauna Lahilahi Beach

West Oahu – Waianae, Makaha, Yokohama Bay

My rate is $330 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Mauna Lahilahi Beach (Waianae)
This has a beautiful view of the bay. There are locations on the beach for a ceremony or it is a short walk on a trail to the rocks lookout where you can have privacy and exchange your views while surrounded by spectacular coastal views of West Oahu from the mountain to the ocean. No public bathrooms or showers. Street parking only.

Pokai Bay Beach (Waianae)
This sheltered bay is popular for stand up paddlers, canoe paddlers and swimmers. This is a beach frequented by locals and is not normally crowded. There are beautiful views of the ocean and mountains. Bathrooms and showers at this beach. There is also another stretch of beach outside the Bay to the left of the parking lot.

Makua Beach

Makua Beach (Makaha)
This is a hidden gem on the West side of Oahu with beach as far as you can see and hardly a person on it! The view of the ocean coastline and mountains from this beach is dramatic and spectacular. No bathrooms at this beach. Parking lot at this beach.
https://youtu.be/m5g8TfkNXHM https://youtu.be/ynz9SgIiJ_E https://youtu.be/KcPfbVSgXYg

Pearl City, Waikele, Waipahu, Mililani

My rate is $200 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Ala Moana Beach Park

Downtown Honolulu, Waikiki Locations

My rate is $230 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Ala Moana Beach Park (Waikiki)
Just outside of Waikiki across from Ala Moana Shopping Center is Ala Moana Beach Park. It is heavily used by locals on weekends, especially those who live downtown. During the weekdays it can be a great escape for tourists from the crowds of Waikiki without having to travel far. There are beautiful coastal views and lots to do in the park. The beach is wider in some areas than others and is rocky sand. It is a nice backdrop for a wedding or photos. Parking, bathrooms, showers, and concession stands at this beach.

Palm tree arches where Ala Moana Beach Park ends and Magic Island begins.

Magic Island (Waikiki)
This is just outside of Waikiki across from the Ala Moana Shopping Center and is a man-made peninsula inside of Ala Moana Beach Park. This location offers views of Diamond Head, Ala Wai Harbor, surfers in action, Waikiki, Honolulu, the west coast of Oahu, and the Ko’olau Mountains. Most of Magic Island is a grassy park area with trees and picnic tables. There is a beach at the very tip of Magic Island. Each side of the peninsula offers a different amazing view!
https://youtu.be/iByTm_0vKTg https://youtu.be/77iDnlYVRzw https://youtu.be/W8v3vz4b9uo https://youtu.be/aUYoS8Hs9HI https://youtu.be/x4V0i7RoFJs https://youtu.be/qQpR-7maoR4
https://youtu.be/j79-PFfuPho https://youtu.be/Bi6kOAQKrII

Harbor and City View from Magic Island

Harbor Beach at Magic Island https://youtu.be/zacZ7t-GkZo
Tiny Beach at Magic Island https://youtu.be/DImV-UOm8SM https://youtu.be/QJO1XI69z_k

View of Diamond Head from Tiny Beach at Magic Island

Waikiki Beach Permit required at ALL locations and all locations are always crowded with tourists.
Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon
Diamond Head End in front of Aston Waikiki https://youtu.be/eymvymyBadI
Kuhio Beach https://youtu.be/WEUhV-afe6s
At Duke Kahanamoku Statue https://youtu.be/iPkv9J1YAqs
Queens Beach
San Souci Beach

Waikiki Beach is always crowded!

Kapiolani Park Fountain with Diamond Head in Background (Waikiki) Permit required.

Leahi Beach Park

Leahi Beach Park (Waikiki) (afternoon) Leahi is the Hawaiian word for Diamond Head and this beach park is directly in front of Diamond Head. There is not much of a beach but it is not normally a crowded park so it gives privacy. There is no parking at this park. Park at Kapiolani Park and walk up sidewalk to this park.

Puu Ualakaa State Park aka Tantalus Lookout (Honolulu) Permit required. Spectacular view above the city of Honolulu.

Kawaikui Beach Park

East Oahu Locations Aina Hina, Hawaii Kai

My rate is $330 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Waialae Beach Park and Kahala Beach (east of Waikiki) Permit required. A popular location for weddings because of its proximity to Waikiki, Waialae Beach Park on Kahala Beach is less crowded and the views are tranquil and breathtaking. As you enter the park there is a bridge that leads to a grove of coconut palms. There are two sections to the beach area, a tiny island with palm trees off shore, and amazing coastal views. This is a popular spot for kite surfers and can be windy. There are bathrooms, showers, and limited parking. You usually have to wait for a parking spot inside the park. Not recommended for weddings on the weekend when it is the most busy.
https://youtu.be/d0VwJzJUvZw https://youtu.be/Qwtr12K4hzg https://youtu.be/vR_8GN43gHU

Kawaikui Beach Park– (located East of Waikiki in Aina Hina) this is a beach frequented by locals, especially on weekends. It is a nice location for a weekday wedding ceremony.

Kailua Secret Beach

Windward Oahu
Kailua and Waimanalo Bay Beaches are

Every beach on Waimanalo Bay from Makapu’u to Point to Kapoho Point requires a beach commercial use permit to have a wedding at those beaches and the ceremony is now restricted to the ocean water line. The city defines commercial use as weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, luaus, gathering of people. Beaches requiring permits are monitored and if you are found to not have a permit the fine is $5,000.
It is the wedding couples responsibility to apply and pay for the use permit.
My rate for this area is $375 plus tax.

Lani Kai Beaches Permit required.
A spectacular backdrop but beware Street parking will no longer be allowed along any street in Lanikai on weekends due to heavy traffic through Lani Kai on Saturdays and Sundays. You can access Lani Kai Beaches by parking at Kailua Beach Park and walking 10-20 minutes to one of the Lani Kai beaches.

Kailua Beach Park Permit required.
With its spectacular views, powder soft sand and gentle surf for swimming and wave board riding this is a popular beach, especially on the weekends. There are bathrooms, showers, and two parking lot areas. The parking fills up early on the weekends as people park in the parking lot for Kailua Beach Park and Lani Kai Beaches on weekends.

Kailua Secret Beach Permit required.
Located down the beach from Kailua Beach but without the crowd.
https://youtu.be/Ly_fjpQg5sc https://youtu.be/jmHpquyHGmQ https://youtu.be/cysLSpDCHiE https://youtu.be/cnw30Nq09OI

Kalama Beach Park Permit required.
Down the coastline from Kailua beach. Weekdays this beach is not usually crowded but it can be on the weekends and holidays. This is a fantastic location for sunrise weddings. Bathrooms, showers and a small parking lot.
https://youtu.be/2gYvbygoZqs https://youtu.be/U6tME2Jp9B4 https://youtu.be/2T1o11Yxxn8

Kai One Beach Permit required.
Kai One Beach also known as Greenwalls is a hidden gem in Kailua that offers a spectacular panoramic view! The sand is powder soft white sand and the waves break off shore and gently lap the waterline. This is a beautiful backdrop for a picnic or a wedding! There are no bathrooms or showers.

Castles Beach Permit required.

Bellows Field Beach Park Permit required.
https://youtu.be/Ijz2Gix1zsA https://youtube.com/shorts/rxtnB54w8SI

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park Permit required.

Sherwoods Beach Permit required.
https://youtu.be/Vj7ODptFk90 https://youtu.be/RDwdBUXThrI https://youtu.be/DOxZGzdxpxo

Waimanalo Beach Permit required.

Kaiona Beach Park Permit required.

Makapuu Beach Permit required.

Kawela Bay Beach Park Lagoon

Windward – Kaneohe

My rate is $230 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden (Kaneohe) Permit required.
This 40 year old garden is located in a valley in Kaneohe filled with tropical plants, trees and flowers. There are several different garden areas for ceremonies, some require hiking. There are scenic lookout points inside the garden offering panoramic views of Kaneohe Bay.
Kahua Nui Mauka https://youtu.be/PRLwSzqRxoM https://youtu.be/SDCjW5KA9Rc
Kilonani Scenic Lookout https://youtu.be/5ERgwHLKXos
Ho’omaluhia Fresh Water Lake (Kaneohe) Permit required.
(I charge an additional $75 for the lake due to the hiking required.)
There is a 32-acre fresh water lake that requires a 10 minute hike and it can be muddy if it has rained recently. (Not recommended for anyone mobility challenged. )The lake offers several location options around it each offering a unique backdrop for a wedding. The lake is stocked with fish and there are ducks and other water fowl. The area is lush with wildlife and beautiful nature!
https://youtu.be/H4srgRerfHw https://youtu.be/19ppeGd6qGo

Kaneohe Beach Park (Kaneohe)
This is a neighborhood canoe launch park that offers spectacular views of Kaneohe Bay. There isn’t an actual sand beach. The bay is mostly calm with very small waves that gently lap against where the water meets the land. The park is a small area of grass with a parking lot, a playground and a bathroom. It is a pretty spot for an intimate wedding or photos.

Kaneohe Boat Launch Park

Kaneohe Boat Launch Park (Kaneohe)
There is a boat launch in Kaneohe with a shoreline area that is perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony. It offers an amazing shoreline view Kaneohe Bay and the Ko’olau Mountains.

Pyramid Rock Beach (Kaneohe)
This is a private military beach located on KBMC base in Kaneohe. Military id required to get access onto base and you must also sponsor me on.

Kualoa Ranch Paliku Gardens

Windward – upper Kaneohe, Kaaawa, Hauula

My rate is $330 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Laenani Park (Kaneohe) This is a very small community park on the ocean. There are only five parking stalls and no other places to park. Although the views are beautiful this is not a good location for a wedding due to the limited parking.

He’eia State Park (Kaneohe) Permit required.
This venue has and outdoor stage and a banquet hall for receptions as well. There are cottages for the wedding couple to get ready in on premisis. The grounds are lush with tropical plants and flowers. The coastal and mountain views make an incredible backdrop for the ceremony. There is a short trail down to Ancient Fish Ponds and a path around the ponds.

He’eia Pier (Kaneohe)
He’eia Pier is locate in Kaneohe on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Locals like to fish off the pier or go out on their boat from the pier. The pier gives a spectacular panoramic coastal view of Windward Oahu. There is a snack bar that sells ice cream, soft drinks and plate lunches as well as other snacks. Pontoon boat cruises and fishing tours leave from this harbor and can be hired as a wedding venue. There are public bathrooms located in the parking lot next to the snack bar.

Kahaluu Beach (Kaneohe)

Waiahole Beach Park (Kaneohe)

Kualoa Ranch Paliku Gardens (Kaneohe) Private venue.
This is a working cattle ranch that also operates tours and adventures on the very large property. This ranch is the backdrop in many movies that have been filmed in Hawaii including Jurassic Park. The ranch is located across the street from a beach. Paliku Gardens offers a private ceremony location with breathtaking views of the ocean, Chinaman’s Hat island, and the Ko’olau Mountains while being surrounded by beautiful tropical trees and flowers. They offer elopement and destination wedding packages.
https://youtu.be/croasp27Nz0 https://youtu.be/JrAvrmZaD2w

Kualoa Beach Park and Campgrounds (Kaneohe) Permit required.
This beach park has coastal views of Windward Oahu with the Ko’olau Mountains behind the beach park. This is a large beach park with several parking lot areas each with bathrooms and showers.
https://youtu.be/9S9x9pDu6s0 https://youtu.be/kFIL2k8qMb8

Kanenelu Beach (Kaaawa)

Swanzy Beach Park (Kaaawa)

Kahana Bay Beach Park (Hauula)

Punaluu Beach (Hau’ula) Permit required.

Kaluanui Beach (Hau’ula)

Makao Beach (Hau’ula)

Kapaka Beach (Hau’ula)

Kapalaoa Beach (Hau’ula)

Hau’ula Beach Park (Hau’ula) Permit required.

Kaipapa’u Point Beach (Hau’ula)

Kokololio Beach Park

Kokololio Beach Park (Hau’ula) Permit required.
There are Norfolk Pines that line the divide between the park and the beach. This coastal area is normally very breezy. There is a spot in the treeline that offers a bit of a wind break and is a great spot for a wedding ceremony. This beach park is good sized with two sections of parking lot each with bathrooms and showers.
https://youtu.be/h75msZKrk9g https://youtu.be/c_C7XXu5y1A

Ko’olau Mountains from Kualoa Ranch

North Shore ~ Laie, Kahuku

My rate is $375 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

La’ielohelohe Beach Park (Laie)

Pounders Beach (Laie)

Clissold’s Beach (Laie)

La’ie State Wayside (Laie) Permit required.

Temple Beach Park (Laie)

Hukilau Beach Park (Laie)

Malaekahana State Recreation Area on La’ie Bay (Laie) (hike required) Permit required.

Moku’Auia Beach (Laie)

Malaekahana Beach (Laie) Permit required.

Kahuku Golf Course Beach (Kahuku) Permit required.

Kahuku Beach (Kahuku)

Hanaka’ilio Beach (Kahuku) Permit required.

Kahuku Point (Kahuku)

Keiki Beach (Kahuku) Permit required.

Turtle Beach (Kahuku) Permit required.

Kuilima Point at Turtle Bay Resort and Waikalae Beach (Kahuku)

Turtle Bay Pillbox (Kahuku) (hiking required) Permit required.

Kawela Bay Beach Park (Kahuku) Permit required.
Located near Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu. This curved bay beach is secluded and lined with palm trees and ironwood trees. Although the beach is located off the main road it is hidden and is not usually crowded. The reef in the bay diffuses the waves as it enters the bay and the water in the bay is normally calm even when the surf is large elsewhere on the North Shore. There are no bathrooms or showers. Located on Kamehameha Hwy across from Kuilima Farm Stand. 

Pahipahi Alua Beach (Kahuku) Permit required.

Waialee Beach (Kahuku)

Velzyland Beach (Kahuku)

Kaunala Beach (Kahuku)

Sunset at Ka’ena Point State Park

North Shore ~ Waialua

My rate is $375 plus tax to officiate a wedding at any of these locations.

Aweoweo Beach Park (Waialua)

Polo Beach (Waialua)

Mokuleia Beach Park (Waialua) Permit required.
This beach is a popular spot for wind surfers and kite surfers because it is always breezy. There is a fantastic coastal view of the North Shore and the mountains. There are showers but only portapotty for restrooms.
https://youtu.be/9iMOm-8VU7g https://youtu.be/LY0V766lems https://youtu.be/jkv01X2aMAs

Mokuleia Beach Park

Kealia Beach (Waialua)

Mokuleia Army Beach (Waialua) Permit required.
Down the road from Mokuleia Beach Park is this little known beach. The name “Army Beach” was given because of a military recreation center that was on the beach from 1970 to 1989 which you can only see the foundation of today. The beach is just across Dillingham Airfield and at the beginning of Ka’ena Point State Park.

Ka’ena Point State Park (Wailua)
Ka‘ena Point Mokuleia Section is the North Shore access section of the Ka‘ena Point Natural Area Reserve at O‘ahu’s most northwestern point. Dolphins and whales (in season) can often be seen off shore in the early morning. There is a parking lot area at the trail head. There are many locations that would make a great backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Beware and use caution around nesting sea birds and turtles to not disturb or harm them. 

North Shore Locations from Kaiaka Point to Sunset Point

WARNING: Most beaches from Kaiaka Point (just past Haleiwa Beach Park) to Sunset Point (just past Sunset Beach) require a beach commercial use permit to have a wedding at those beaches and the ceremony is now restricted to the ocean water line. The city defines commercial use as weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, luaus, gathering of people. Beaches requiring permits are monitored and if you are found to not have a permit the fine is $5,000. It is the wedding couples responsibility to apply and pay for the use permit.
My rate for this area is $375 plus tax.

Sunset Beach Park Permit required.

‘Ehukai Beach Park

Banzi Pipeline Permit required.

Rock Piles Beach

Log Cabins Beach

Ke Iki Beach Permit required.

Kahawai Beach Support Park

Pupukea Beach Park Permit required.

Sharks Cove

Three Tables Beach

Waimea Bay Beach Park Permit required.

Uppers Beach Park

Kapaeloa Beach

Chun’s Beach Permit required.

Laniakea Beach (aka Turtle Beach) Permit required.

Papa’iloa Beach Permit required.
https://youtu.be/HEHOUOM8GIQ https://youtu.be/P01mbGHFhGA https://youtu.be/toyfoFjF0Io https://youtu.be/pTbjfE52ONQ

Kawailoa Beach Permit required.

Pua’ena Point Beach Park Permit required.

Hale’iwa Ali’i Beach Park Permit required.
https://youtu.be/dJiDHHxLtRs https://youtu.be/rwRe_jOVHk8 https://youtu.be/LitVNLHz2Eo

Kaiaka Bay Beach Park.

Waterfall at Liliukalani Botanical Garden downtown Honolulu


Botanical Gardens also make spectacular backdrops for wedding ceremonies and there are several gardens on the island of Oahu. There is a usage fee on some and some are free to use, you need to apply at the garden for a usage permit in advance.

Wahiawa Botanical Garden (Wahiawa) FREE
Foster Botanical Garden (Downtown Honolulu) FEE APPLIES
Lili’uokalani Botanical Gardens (Downtown Honolulu) FREE
has a hidden waterfall in the heart of the city. The great lawn, plants, trees, and flowers make additional great backdrops for photos after the ceremony. Use permit required from Foster Botanical Garden. There is a parking lot. Bathrooms are closed.
Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden (Kaneohe) Has a fresh water lake. FREE
Lyon Arboretum (Manoa) Has garden options for ceremonies as well as offers indoor facility rentals for ceremonies or receptions.  FEE APPLIES
Senator Fong’s Plantation and Gardens (Kaneohe) FEE APPLIES

Cafe Julia

Oahu venues I have officiated Weddings at you may want to consider for wedding or vow renewal.

Cafe Julia is located in downtown Honolulu next to Iolani Palace in a historic YWCA building. They provide a unique outdoor space for wedding ceremonies and receptions .
https://youtu.be/eOVh3NqOXmY https://youtu.be/GhAZGDootNk
Foster Botanical Garden has rare and beautiful plants, flowers, and trees with a wide variety of backdrops to choose from for the ceremony and photos. A permit is required from the garden. https://youtu.be/Th9-T238ifc
Hale Koa Hotel is a military hotel in Waikiki on the beach. Weddings can be held in front of the hotel, in several of the garden areas, in a ballroom, or outside at their gazebo.
Hawaiian Monarch Hotel – request a room with a large lanai facing the water or Diamond Head and have the ceremony on your lanai. video: https://youtu.be/5fjRVAyAOnY
Iolani Palace there is a park area to the right side of the palace that is a intimate spot to have a private ceremony. If you plan to have guests you will need to get a permit.
Kapila Gardens in Waianae is an outdoor venue with a location for the ceremony and for the reception. video: https://youtu.be/32ry9RDOw00
Ke Iki Beach Bungalows is beach front on the North Shore. Get married at the secluded beach in front of the bungalows.
Ko’olau Ballrooms video: https://youtu.be/AYrT7OgTZDs has a beautiful garden with water feature and trellis for the ceremony and a ballroom for the reception. The view of the Ko’olau mountains from the garden is breathtaking and makes a spectacular backdrop for the wedding.

Lani Lea Chapel

Lani Lea Chapel at Prince Waikiki Hotel is a more formal wedding chapel setting with couches for guests to sit on during the ceremony. The view is spectacular through the floor to ceiling windows. https://youtu.be/yMv5DoqMlVA
Loulou Palm Farm Estate is located on the North Shore. They have a great lawn that leads out to the beach and couples can have their ceremony ocean side and the reception under tents on the great lawn.
Male’ana Gardens in Kailua is a chic outdoor garden venue located next to Kailua Beach and a great location for small destination weddings. https://youtu.be/StqZHK9dC60
The Moana Grand Ballroom is located just outside Waikiki and offers ballrooms for the ceremony and reception.

Neck Deep Tattoo say “I do!” Then get tattooed. Two meaningful tattoos are included in the ceremony.
Oahu Veterans Center is a economical location to have a ceremony and self catered reception. https://youtube.com/shorts/9VnI-fdm1UQ

Okinawa Center

Okinawa Center has a beautiful water feature and garden area for the ceremony and a banquet hall for the reception. https://youtu.be/79jG_CeoBBA
Pearl Country Club has an area on the golf greens with an arch for wedding ceremonies and the reception followed by a reception in one of their event rooms. https://youtu.be/zzGyESuiXnA
Private homes/beach houses in Waipahu, Black Point, Ewa Beach, Hauula, Kapolei, Pupukea, Nanakuli, Haleiwa. An alternative to renting a venue is rent a beach front house and have your wedding at the house or on the beach in front of the house. I recommend houses on Laniakea Beach, Ke Iki Beach, or Pupukea Beach on the North Shore.
Queen Kapiolani Hotel– request a room with a large lanai facing the water or Diamond Head and have the ceremony on your lanai.
Roys at Ko’olina is located overlooking Kapolei Golf Course. Ceremonies can be held on their open air lanai and the reception in a private dining room.
Sunset Ranch – video https://youtu.be/8sDiIQYnMQM weddings are outside on the ranch surrounded by forest or pond side. Receptions are inside the barn which is renovated including chandeliers.

Kapolei Golf Club

Kapolei Golf Club has a pavilion next to the golf course lake with a beautiful course view with the hills of Makakilo in the distance. https://youtu.be/nlIsPvKq6Y4 https://youtube.com/shorts/SdsuVTLER1A
Waialae Country Club is in the top 5 most elegant wedding venues I have officiated at. The dining rooms, locker rooms, and grounds are well kept and feel luxurious. The employees are friendly and helpful. The location next to the ocean has spectacular views. https://youtu.be/rSsTFJaC8O0
Waikele Country Club

Waialae Country Club


I will officiate your wedding anywhere on Oahu!
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