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Hawaii Theme Cookie Cutter Luau Craft Ideas
Fun uses for Hawaii theme cookie cutters for Luau activities with guests like  cookie decorating and making bird feeders, air fresheners, candles, or soap!

Adorable Hawaii theme cookie cutters can be used to create much more than just cute cookies for your luau. Below are five fun activities you can do with your luau guests using cookie cutters that will not only be very entertaining during the luau but will also give your guests something to take home with them like creating a decorative cookie, bird feeder, air freshener, candle, or soap!

Use Hawaii theme cookie cutters to create sugar cookies in fun shapes. At the Luau have a cookie decorating station set up with the cookies, frosting, and a selection of cookie decorating toppings for your guests to create their own unique works of cookie art. Ideal cookie cutter shapes for Luaus include: Hula GirlGreen Sea TurtleHumpback WhaleSharkSurfboardPineapplePalm TreePlumeriaHibiscusFishShaka

A good idea is to only offer white frosting but also provide food coloringtoothpicks, and small cups so each guest can custom make their frosting colors to their preference.  Popsicle sticks make excellent frosting spreaders. Accents can be made using items like gel frostingedible glittersprinkles, and colored sugar crystals.

Cake pop sticks can be baked into the cookies to create cookie pops, a fun edible treat your guests can enjoy at the Luau or provide them a treat bag to put their completed works of cookie art into to take home and enjoy later!

It is easy to create a bird feeder using a Hawaii theme cookie cutter, a slice of bread, peanut butter, and bird seed! Use the Hawaii theme cookie cutter to cut out a piece of bread. Spread peanut butter on both sides of the cut out bread. Press each side onto a plate of bird seedString can be tied on to make it easier to hang up for the birds to enjoy. Provide your guests a treat bag to put their bird feeders in to bring home.

Air fresheners are easy to create using cookie cutters and wax aroma beads.
Place a sheet of foil on a cookie sheet. Spray the inside of the Hawaii theme cookie cutters and put on foil. Add scented wax beads inside the cookie cutter design area. You can be creative with the way you arrange the different colored wax beads. Heat oven to 175 degrees F and place in for 5 minutes and keep checking every few minutes until beads have reached your desired meltedness. Allow to cool then pop out of the cookie cutter mold. Provide your guests a treat bag to put their air freshener in to bring home. Please note, once a cookie cutter has been used to create air fresheners it should not be used with food.

Hawaii theme cookie cutters and sheets of beeswax can be used to easily create fun candles. On a hard surface or cutting board place asheet of beeswax. Use a Hawaii theme cookie cutter and press FIRMLY and evenly through the beeswax to get clean edges. Repeat this to cut out a total of 22 layers. They can be all one color or you can mix colors. You can even mold strips of different colors into one like with the Aloha Shirt Candle example above.

Once all pieces are cut begin layering them taking care to line them up exactly. Every few layers use a hair dryer set on warm for a few seconds to bond the layers together. After the 11th layer of beeswax insert a cotton wick and continue layering and blow drying until completed. Trim off any wick that sticks out the bottom. Decorative accents can be made using pieces of beeswax sheeting like shown in the eyes and side fins for the fish, shell outline on the turtle, and the stamen on the hibiscus. Stability stands can be created from several layers of beeswax to assist the candle’s stability when on display and when burning as shown on the fish, turtle and pineapple. To mold the wax or apply the wax accents heat the wax with hair dryer for a few seconds. Provide your guests a treat bag to put their candle in to bring home.

Making Hawaii theme soaps to take home is a fun activity for your luau guests and easy to do with Hawaii theme cookie cutters and goats milk soap or glycerine soap. Line a cookie sheet with foil, then a piece of wax paper. Roll out clay on top pf the wax paper so that it is longer and wider than the cookie cutter. The clay helps keep the soap from leaking while in liquid form.  Spray the cookie cutter with vegetable oil to help release the harden soap more easily. Place cookie cutter firmly into the clay. Follow directions on the package of soap base to melt then pour into the cookie cutter mold.

The filled cookie cutter mold should be put in a cool location or even a refrigerator to speed the setting. Once firm pop out of cookie cutter. The soap making activity should be done in the beginning of the Luau to allow time to cool and harden. Provide your guests a treat bag to put their soap in to bring home.

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