Circle of Flowers

Circle of Plumeria and Bougainvillea Blooms using over 1,000 blooms!


Circle of Flowers is a tradition in Hawaii where the wedding couple has a circle of blooms mark the spot where they will exchange vows. The circle of flowers is symbolic of their never ending love for one another and their eternal pledge they commit to one another in the circle.

It typically takes 250 loose blooms to create a thin circle. It is more common to use 500-1,000 blooms to create a full circle of flowers or use strands of blooms to more easily create the circle. Blooms that are common to use are plumeria, orchids, hibiscus, and bougainvillea. Cut ti leaves, banana leaves, ginger leaves, red and/or white ginger flower heads can also be incorporated to add to or create the circle of flowers.

The internet makes it easy to acquire fresh flower petalsfresh flower blooms, and fresh leis which can be used to create a circle of flowers or just add some flowers scattered to mark the the area the wedding couple will exchange their vows. The photo below is from a wedding I officiated where the couple used sea glass and sea shells in a circle to designate where they stand together for the ceremony.

This couple had a circle of sea glass and shells instead of flowers

On Oahu the best place for loose blooms or garlands for your Circle of Flowers is to go into Chinatown where there are lots of lei stands with many options to choose from in close proximity. If you ask the lei seller they can make you a 10 or 12 foot garland from flowers like orchids, plumeria, tuberose, ginger as well as braided ti. If you don’t have time to wait for a custom garland to be made you can just purchase already made leis and tell them not to tie them. Then tie them together to make one large garland yourself or just lay them in a circle. The lei shops also sell loose blooms which can be sprinkled to form a circle. It typically takes at least 800-1,000 loose blooms to form a circle of loose orchid or plumeria blooms.

🌺 My Wedding Services Fresh or Silk Circle of Flower Options
If you will be hiring me to officiate your wedding on Oahu I have two options for circle of flowers if you would like me to provide it for you:
FRESH ORCHIDS: A 10 foot garland of beautiful fresh purple with white dendrobium orchid blooms is a easy way to lay down the circle of flowers and it cleans up quickly after the ceremony. $120 plus tax.
SILK MAILE WITH IN TUBEROSE RENTAL: Have a lifelike silk Maile garland with tuberose to mark your ceremony spot. For a use fee of $25 plus tax I will bring the garland, set it up, and pick it up after the ceremony.