Hawaii Theme Wedding Reception Decorating Suggestions

Reception Decorating Suggestions for a Hawaii Themed Wedding or Vow Renewal!

It is easy to add elegant touches of Hawaii to your celebration. Below are photographs of different ways you can easily create festive cakes, table centerpieces, and guest book tables for your Hawaiian theme wedding or luau.

Wedding Cake Decorating Suggestions

Items like fresh flowerssilk flowersgum paste sugar flowerswafer paper flowerssilk leisfernscake toppers, fish nets, and shells, can be added to any simple cake to transform it into a Hawaii theme wedding cake!

Hawaii Theme Wedding Reception Table Centerpiece Decorating Suggestions

Items like fresh flowerssilk flowerssilk leissilk fernssilk leaves, hula wiggler girls and boyspineapplesfish nets and shells, can be used to add touches of Hawaii at every table!

Wedding Guest Book Table Decorating Suggestions

Have a guest book table for your guests to sign in and provide their email  address so you can send them photos from your wedding or a thank you message for attending. Along with a Hawaii theme guest book and pen, island treasures can be used to add touches of Hawaii to welcome your guests: guest book, dashboard hula wigglers, fresh pineapples, fresh loose orchids, lifelike silk plumeria blooms, tropical wooden bowls with macadamia nuts and pineapple hard candy, candles in real coconut shells, and silk leis, kukui nut leis or shell leis!

Provide Photo Props

Give your wedding guests fun keepsake memories of your Hawaiian theme  wedding by providing props they can take photos with a digital poloroid camera that prints instant photos or selfies with their phone using funny face cut out backdropshula skirtssilk leispalm treetropical backgroundscoconut cupstiki mugs and plastic pineapples.

Other Luau Wedding Reception
Decorating Suggestion

Use tiki’s and tiki torches on the buffet tables and around venue.
Hawaii themed fairy lights add a fun fantasy atmosphere and come in orchidsplumeriaspineapplesflip flops, and tiki.

Lifelike silk potted palm trees and lighted palm trees can easily transform a reception hall or backyard into a tropical Hawaiian retreat.

Have Hawaii theme place markers at tables to let guests know where to sit.
Use grass skirts, loose silk or fresh blooms, silk tropical leaves and ti leaves, and silk leis to decorate the tables.

Use fresh tropical fruits that are found growing in Hawaii on the buffet table as a center piece and to eat like pineapples, papaya, mango, oranges, bananas, coconutslycheedragon fruitsoursopguavapassion fruit and any other exotic tropical fruits you can acquire. Some people may have never seen or tasted some of these fruits and you can provide a unique experience by offering samples of these exotic fruits.

Create tropical fruit and cheese kabobs and serve them poked into a fresh pineapple.

Use beach pail and sand toys as serving dishes and bowls to hold foods. Use kiddie pool filled with ice to chill beverages. Serve drinks in tiki mugs or coconut cups.

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