Shower of Flowers


A shower of flowers is popular in Hawaii as an alternative to guests throwing rice or blowing bubbles. Showering a couple after their ceremony is meant to be symbolic of guests showering the couple with prosperity, good fortune, and fertility. Plumeria blooms, orchid blooms, or fresh rose petals are a popular choices for a shower of flowers in the Hawaiian Islands.

Place flower blooms or petals in a bag on guests chairs to toss after the ceremony

Flower blooms or petals can be put into pouches or paper cones and given to guests as they arrive to the ceremony to shower the couple with at the end of the ceremony. The shower of flowers makes for amazing photos and allows the guests to be interactive with the wedding ceremony!

One of my wedding clients had a basket of fresh plumeria blooms for their guests to take a hand full for a shower of flowers ceremony. If you are having a wedding a beach or park please only use fresh flowers for shower of flowers so they can decompose and not litter the environment like artificial petals and blooms do. Artificial blooms and flowers for shower of flowers should only be used at indoor venues.

This couple was showered with rose petals by their guests after their wedding ceremony.

Fresh blooms like plumeria and bougainvilla can be collected from your neighborhood trees if you live on island. Several types of blooms are available from lei stands in Chinatown and flower shops like plumerias, orchids, tuberose, baby roses, and rose petals. Some grocery stores with a floral department also sell flower blooms and petals.

A shower of plumeria blooms to congratulate Robert and Harune!

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Immediately following this wedding on Sunset beach the couples bridesmaids tore the petals off the roses in their bouquets and showered the happy couple in an unplanned shower of flowers!


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